New Indie Sisters Site!!!

As many of you know, Bri and I have been working diligently on our new shop, indie sisters, over the past few months. Progress is really coming along and we're excited about some of the new ideas we have for this summer!

We began our shop on Etsy but have found over the past two months that we're desiring a more personal approach to selling our hand-made products. We wanted an outlet that is more hobby related and something that could offer a more personal touch (posting photos of bags and listings about how the shop is going, events, specials, etc). I plan to post more later with details on what we plan to do over the next few months, but for now please check out the blog and see what you think.

We love feedback and maybe there's the perfect bag for you!! The pictures don't do justice but that's where we have to start for now. Stay tuned for more info to come, and follow the indie sisters blog to learn about specials, events, and new styles for release!! (for example...our beach bag will make its debut any day now)

PS: The etsy shop will remain active for the next month, but will be phased out as the blog begins to take more precedence. Please contact for any purchase or custom order inquiries.


Spring Break Trip

Matt and I went to Florida for a little Spring Break trip with his parents. We staying in St. Pete and it was really nice! Weather was perfect, sunny most days in the mid to high 70s and it rained only one day. On the rainy day we went to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was really cute and definitely less scary than Shutter Island (which everyone else wanted to see) Horror just isn't up my alley so we went to the kid-o movie instead! Here's a recap of the trip in photos and we couldn't thank John and Terri enough for the nice time that we had. We love you guys.
Picture from the last evening we were there and went to this great seafood place. If anyone is a Food Network freak like me...they know Guy from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and this was one of the places that had been on his show. We really went because and an alligator hunter that we met recommended we go there, it was delish. I got 1lb of crab legs, with corn on the cob, slaw and sangria. YUMMY!
This is a picture of us at the spring training Phillies game. Most of the girls I know would also question why were were at a Phillies game?! I had no clue that teams practice in warm places to get ready for their season in their home city..DUH. I was a little confused, but once I asked it made perfect sense :)
We of course had to have a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich while we were there. Maybe one of the best things I've ever had in my life. They have a stand that sells the original cheese-steak from the place that's actually in Philadelphia called Delco's...seriously if you ever come across this place I highly recommend giving it a shot. Don't forget the hot peppers!
Matt relaxing on our balcony one morning reading his book. I love him so much!
I miss the ocean already.
What's a trip to FL without golf? Of couse we played and I used my new clubs and did a pretty decent job of keeping up. I shot like a 120 something hahaha and Matt shot way better than that, I have no clue but definitely under 90. To be honest I was done on 9 but played through and really threw in the hat at 16 when I was over it. Golf is an exhausting sport and my arms couldn't keep up, I was sore for 2 days after we played. :-) I could use some work.
This photo was of these fish or turtle nests that were in the water on the course! What an amazing thing. You can barely see it but there is a big egg in the bottom of this one at the middle, that's why we think it was for a turtle. The big carp would swim around it and lay over the eggs, really a pretty fascinating thing! I was more obsessed with this than playing.
What's a trip without the classic "balcony pose" so here it is...our first official trip since our honeymoon. We've been married almost 1 year and it's been really great. We're so excited for the trip to MI with my family in August and can't wait to show all the pics from that!
Hope everyone enjoys the nice weather an has a Happy Easter


Photo Shoot

The happy Cosgrove Family all together in one picture! (no way, I'm always left out)
So, I know we're obsessed with our doggy but I wanted to share the photos from our most recent photoshoot that was provided, free of charge, by a local Knoll furniture dealership. They had lots of classic furniture pieces available for you and your family to use for photos (by family, they traditionally mean humans but the girls at RJE are great and let me bring the dog!)Big Floppy Ears.

Here's our little star & very photogenic I might add!
I would also like to add that he's a recent Novice Dog School Graduate and will soon be attending advance classes, so that he can be even more obedient and maybe learn a few extra tricks. We went to K-9 Friends on 37 up in Fishers and we loved it. I'd recommend it to anyone that just needs the extra edge to get the really great, obedient companion they want. Plus we all had a lot of FUN.


Finally the Puppy Pictures

We finally got pictures from Rufus' previous owners this past weekend. They are from when he was just a little pup and they first brought him home!

We think he's just the cutest :) I love how big his ears and paws were back then...still pretty big today though.

Aww mushy little face :)

He doesn't like sticks now, so we thought this was pretty funny since he won't fetch one to save his life!
Other than these, things are going great. Bri and I are working on the development and release of our new etsy shop indie sisters more details to come once we make more head-way and progress! The post for that will be coming here really soon!


Rufus thinks he's human.

So last Friday I walk into the living room to find this... Rufus sitting on the sofa just hanging out like a human would. Of course, he had his legs open begging for a belly rub but it was cracking me up how humanly he was sitting. It's just not normal, he makes us laugh on a daily basis! What a joy.

I love how he looks at me like I'm interrupting some romantic moment he's having with Matt!
What a silly boy, I couldn't grab my camera fast enough...this is when he started to move because he saw a car out the window. (that's why his eye looks crazy)

This is our usual sweet boy. He had dragged Matt's sweatshirt onto the sofa to snuggle with it. How cute :) He makes me smile.
We love our boy. He turns two here in about a month, but is still all the puppy I'm sure he was when he was 8 weeks old :) We're trying to get pictures from his previous owners of when he was first brought home as a pup. If we get some, I'll post them for all to see.



Here are some pictures from our Bowling night out to celebrate our Birthdays! Matt and I turn 24 within 8 days of eachother so it's a week of celebration every year :-) Here are some pictures to re-cap the night.

Matt & I before the competition began!
Mom & I enjoying the time together.

Dan & Bri enjoying a night out together.
Matt feeling all special because he began to perfect his curve-ball.
It was a great Birthday and thanks to everyone who came, it was a great time & we'll have to get a bigger group to go next time, especially since we hear Blair is becoming the next John Fowler!
For those that don't know, we have some really good bowlers in the family and John (our uncle) actually bowled a perfect 300 recently. It doesn't run in my blood however, I'm happy with breaking 100.


Our first Valentine's Day.

I'm beginning to see a trend here, as this year of blogging is proving to be a year for "firsts" for our family. With that being said, I thought I'd finally get back on here to post some pictures from our first Valentine's Day.
The day began with a trip to the Broadripple Bark Park, where Rufus got to play with his friends. It was so fun to see the little guy have a good time in the snow. Talk about someone who doesn't mind that the snow keeps coming, Rufus loves it! After we got back and slipped in a little grocery trip to stock up, Mom and Dad came over to have a Valentine's lunch. They brought 5 Guys burgers and fries and it was delicious!! So we had a nice little visit and watched the family favorite show which we had on our DVR. (Modern Family, Weds @ 9pm on ABC...I highly recommend it)
So that made for a really nice morning :)
That afternoon, Matt said that he wanted to venture our for a hike over at Eagle Creek. Despite the inches upon inches of snow that we've had...we all bundled up and headed over to check it out! That's where the pictures come in to play. We had a fantastic time and are both pretty sore from the hour+ trek in the snow and woods. Rufus was in heaven.

This is the best we could do for a family photo! It's hard when you're the only ones on the trail, but still turned out pretty good.

The big news in Rufus' life is that he's 1/2 way done with his obedience training. We were making him practice his sit-stays, come fronts and heel while we were on the hike. Poor thing had a lot of distractions with animals, trees and being outside but he did a really good job!! We're all a little happier with an obedient dog. However, we still have a long way to go.

Here were my two Valentines! It was hard to pick who was my favorite for the day, but I think Matt had to win by default of being my husband. :)

Rufus in true form. If you've heard that he points really well, but haven't seen him do it. Here's proof that he's a true hunter at heart.

Ending a long day of fun-loving, quality time together. Thanks to Matt for thinking of taking a hiking at Eagle Creek! It was tons of fun and we can't wait to do it again, maybe it will be a little warmer next time.


The First Big SNOW

So as all of you who live in Indiana know...we had our first big snow of the year. It was a few days late for Christmas (which was wet but not white), but it was still welcomed with open arms by our family! Although it makes getting to work a little bit of a bear, we made the best of it and decided to use some new Christmas toys and take Rufus to the dog park to play with his friends. So here's a photo re-cap of our Sunday afternoon.

Matt playing with his new Snow Blower that he got for Christmas! It came just in time & look at what a good job it's doing :)

This picture is hard to see, but I was scraping my car to go to the dog park and Rufus wanted to wait inside. I asked him repeatedly if he wanted to come inside (while we changed) but he insisted on staying out there till we left. So we started the heat and he sat in the car until we went! So funny. He continues to make us laugh on a daily basis.

Playing at the Bark Park. Matt was playing with snow balls and I swear Ru ran up to him and did this on his own. So I grabbed the camera to get this silly shot! He's so fun.

The picture won't turn the right direction, but here he is getting his post-snow wipe down & for some reason he got really crazy. So he jumped up on the couch and snorted and wiggled until he was all dry. Hilarious!


Family Time

My parents had two Christmas parties this weekend and it was really fun but really exhausting. It's always so good to see everyone plus there's so much going on rightnow: All the kids are another year older, my cousin Courtney is pregnant with twins, my cousin Daniel just had back surgery to hopefully fix all the pain he's been in for quite some time, and I'm back to working full time again, thankfully! It appears that 2010 is already promising lots of exciting new things.

Here's a re-cap in photos...oh just for the record, Matt and I came away with some really great/interesting grab bag items. Him: Colts Fleece & Funny Bathroom Reader, Me: Sunrise Cookbook with Oven Mits & my very own Quesadilla maker...which I plan to use tomorrow for friends dinner at our house!!
My cousin Derrick & Jonda's baby, Brady. This is his first Christmas and he was goo-ing and coo-ing all night. He's such a sweet baby!
Proud Aunt Lou with the little man! He got his very first basketball, soccerball and football. It's fun to see little boys since Matt and I are always around little girls.
Tessa being all big and opening presents herself! She had to throw every piece of trash in the trash bag, Mommy's obviously teaching her about cleaning up messes early-on.
Cute family! I figured instead of Matt and I, I'd put up the family with the cute baby :) I thought this picture turned out really really well. I love you guys.


Christmas at the Zoo!

This weekend was filled with family parties and holiday festivities. Although it was really busy, with hardly any down time, Matt and I really enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to spend some quality time with our two favorite nieces! Well, the only two nieces we have! Bella, for those that may not know is Matt's Brother's little girl, and she just turned 3. So, we think Christmas is going to be extra fun this year with an extremely dramatic toddler on our hands. It just keeps getting better and better.
So for our little Cosgrove get together, we went to Christmas at the Zoo followed by dinner at Ambrosias in Broad Ripple, delicious, and then we had the family over for dessert at our place. It was such a fun night, but was a little cold with the snow/rain mix. The animals were a little sleepy so there wasn't much action but it was still fun to see the light, ride the train and get a picture with Santa! Bella wouldn't touch him but she would talk to him, it was pretty adorable.

All the pretty lights made for a great picture. It was a little cold though, but the snow made it actually feel like Christmas time.

Matt and Bella giving me a really big CHEEEESE.

Bella & Johnny all ready to ride the train. She refused to wear her hat, so her hair was freezing and soaking wet. Three year olds are crazy sometimes.

The whole gang ready to ride the train, unfortunately Matt had to take the picture so he isn't in his seat with me yet. It was a little crowded with two long-legged people in a child's train. haha.


The Polar Express

The polar express is now up and running around our house these days! We put together the train that Matt's parents got us as an early Christmas present. It was a family tradition of his growing up as a kid and so they wanted to pass it along to our family for a "lifetime of enjoyment." It may be more like 1 season of enjoyment hoping that the dog doesn't attack it at any given moment.
So, while Matt assembled the train and handled the engineering of the tracks, I made Rufus' stocking so that he can be extra spoiled this year. It's bigger and cuter than ours, but now he's feeling more like an official part of the family.
(I promise I'll quit obsessing over him sometime soon)

Helping Matt put the train together and inspecting it for anything fun to chew!

I love the intensity here...he was so excited to get it all set up and working!

He was unsure of how to feel about the train when it was on, but overall he did really well.

I finished Rufus' stocking just in time for Christmas. I made it extra big to hold lot's of toys...or coal.
All snuggled in for a Christmas nap.


Christmas time is here.

The beginning of the Christmas season has been an exciting time for Matt and I, as we are beginning our own traditions and decorating our own house for the first time. We took the first week of December off from work to decorate, shop and relax a little before the holiday buzz begins.

As far as the decorating is concerned, we both had to compromise for what the end result woud promise....a beautiful little bungalow all bright & snuggly for the holidays! Matt wanted the retro C7 lights on the outside, while I wanted clean/classic white lights inside....Rufus voted for anything fun to chew up. (He chose all the great bows that I put on the presents) Needless to say, the bows aren't very pretty anymore.

Now that the stockings are hung and the presents are wrapped, we've settled in for a nice enjoyable Christmas as a new family. It's been so fun already and I can't wait until the Christmas Eve & morning festivities begin.

I had to take backseat on the way home from Lowes, we we're packed with ladder, tree and lights!

Thankfully the tree wasn't too tall, it was just right!

Matt had too much fun putting up the lights! It was such a pretty day and we had a blast.

This is when I started to get nervous...but he did go skydiving 6 months ago so we figured he would do just fine!

Of course we had to decorate Rufus, too! I promise he loves us.


Beginning a blog...

We have decided to start a blog to keep our friends and family in the loop of what's happening around the our new little bungalow these days. With so many friends that have moved to other states after college, we thought this would be a good way to keep in touch and show what we've been doing. This is coming a little late considering we're celebrating our 5th month of being married this week, but better late than never!